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So I grab my 5/8" end mill from a previous project and start drilling.

I didn't take a picture but I didn't realize that end mills aren't designed for drilling holes. The center of the bit does not cut. So I ended up drilling a 1/2" hole then going back with the end mill. Sigh.

Took forever to weld. I'm probably too paranoid about messing with the integrity of the metal with too much heat. I did one side at a time, in six short welds.

I ordered 6" bolts. Just (barely) long enough.

Two things left to source for my engine build - Exhaust pipe and valve springs. SYC is out of stock with the American made springs. Would NCY be the next best bet?

Also - I'm interested in a cheap tachometer. I'm tempted to get the one off my boat..
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