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Most expensive tach, ever.

I hooked up to the CDI output, multiplied frequency by 60 and divided by 4 to get rpm. I believe that is correct?

That puts me at 9270rpm at 30mph. Interestingly at WOT I can back off the accelerator and the engine tone changes but the engine speed does not. Or in other words I get max speed at both 90% throttle and 100% throttle.

My instinct is I need to get my engine rpm down. It is insanely loud the way it is currently and my understanding is hp drops drastically after 8k anyway.

Did a quick calculation. Neglecting engine power if a 39t gets me 30mph at 9250 I would need a 35.7t to get the same speed at 8500rpm. Maybe a 35t sprocket is the next step? Anyone disagree?
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