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I;ve only been tinkering on these gy6's for a short time but was raised by mechanics and turning wrenches now shade tree for 30 years. I far from now everything and will be the first to admit when I'm wrong when proved so. . An interference engine will always be kinda picky about valve adjustment. I haven't seen anything to tell me these aint so I'm gonna have to go by experience and say valve adjustment is somewhat critical.

Now on a stock engine 0.002-0.004 might not matter. That is ONLY on stock. when you start playing with stroke or milling the head 0.001 might be a braking point. It all depends on compression ratio, valve lift, valve size, and timing. Heck I've seen guys mill lawn mower engines too far, check their valve clearances to a Tee, and end up putting a spark plug through the piston. Never occurred to them brand A is different than brand B.

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