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I have been working relentlessly on the mini kart for my son's Christmas gift. Come to find out I bought an engine that is designed to drive a wheel behind the engine and not under it. I actually think I may be extending the swingarm to get the engine to mount without interfering with the drivers seat..

Anyway, I'm slowly cleaning parts and scraping gaskets to get the trash engine thrown back together. I did bore the case.

Put the halves together with the dowels and gasket.

Cylinder measurement

I like the tool but I don't like that for this engine the dowels don't do anything..

This is where the post goes downhill. I calipered the cutting tool and it measured perfectly to 32mm from center. I'm thinking, "Sweet! They set this thing up at the factory!". I start cutting and something doesn't seem right. After a little while I pulled the assembly off to take a look -

They apparently tightened the cutter in place but did not torque the cutter in place. When I backed the cutter out the hole the cutter slid out and caused the chamfer around the edge. I think the oil port will seal. What do you guys think?
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