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I don't have the reverse box but plan to check the drive sprocket at lunch today.

As far as things that have changed - This is the first time I've run this engine and this is likely the most torque the frame has experienced.

At first I thought one of the hubs were slipping. I painted a mark on both hubs/axle and either this is not the problem or they are slipping a full 360degrees and the marks are realigning. I also re-tensioned the chain and checked the tensioner hardware. All that looked good.

I'm really worried I put something together wrong in the gearbox and I've stripped a gear. Everything rotated smoothly upon reassembly so I find this unlikely. From the driver's seat it feels like it is in the drivetrain, though. The frame "sits" or compresses the rear shocks under load. It feels like the clunking is shaking the frame or momentarily removing the load (like a slipping chain).
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