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If you are rich it's not gonna do anything to make it richer. Running a tad rich is safer than running lean but too rich will kill power just like lean. You need to read the plug and find where you are. You might by pure accident find a sweet spot by throwing more mods at it but if you do I suggest buying a lotto ticket.

Frankly I suggest putting the factory exhaust back on and then get it tuned. Then play with the bigger exhaust. You start throwing every mod in the book at it once without even having it running right at the start is gonna create a nightmare of trying to get everything tuned. If that exhaust is too free flowing it can actually kill some power. Throwing it on there before you have the carb tuned you are fighting with the carb and the loss of power from that.

You only want to do one mod at a time, get it tuned, then go to the next one.

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