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Default Greetings from SC

I love taking things apart and when i get real serious or motivated I even put them back together. Been maintaining, repairing and modifying imports (automotive) for nearly 20 years now. I recently started to broaden my tinkering horizons with micro controllers, battery powered ride on toys (for my 2yo daughter), and an old Chevy pickup.

What brings me here- I recently intercepted a UTV150 Blade en route to the scrap heap. A non-runner that spent 2 years in a field but all of the parts are there and rust is minimal. The previous owner was told by a mutual friend of ours of my general interest in things held together with bolts especially when motivated by combustion.

I've had it for about a week and have the unlabeled GY6 clone out and on the "healing bench" for disassembly. It has the rather odd right angle output shaft for the chain drive which I've found little more than grainy pictures of in my initial web searches. So I hope to share the story of my progress in both visual and written forms to aid any others searching

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