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Electrical Tech General Tech for Electrical issues not related to specific engines (Lights etc)

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Old 12-28-2017, 08:43 PM
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Default pigtail connectors for Trailmaster 150 XRS

I will begin by apologizing for my ignorance. I am new to this through my son and his best Christmas gift to date.

I am installing a stereo or sound system in my son's kart. instead of wiring direct to the battery, I had ordered a pigtail connector so to jump into the electrical system where the key/ignition connector is. I received a pigtail with mini-connectors and this is way too small for the wanted connection at the ignition, as stated. Now, for my ignorance to shine brightly... where on this kart can I find a mini-connector to pigtail onto/into? I have an overhead light system, a lighted whip/bar on the back and these connectors are again, too large. I thought it easier to find a mini-connector instead of fighting to get what I had initially ordered. Any help will be so very appreciated and thank you for all whom take the time with this entry.
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