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Old 11-26-2017, 08:22 PM
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Default 2011 Hammerhead Twister 250ss

I decided to pick this buggy up because it seemed like an ok deal for a 250 with high low, IRS, reverse, liquid cooling, etc. It's a little rough, but ran and drove, high, low and reverse worked. It was 950 bucks.

Kind of rough looking.

The previous owner wired up the fan directly to a switch and someone had left it on and wore it out. So it will need a fan. I began disassembling and cleaning it up. I noticed that part of the flex pipe on the exhaust seems to be slightly messed up and the muffler is dented up. I figured I'd put together a parts list of things I need to order for it. I noticed that replacement exhausts for this buggy seem to be made of unobtanium, which is a bummer. Any ideas on where to acquire them?

Untitled by mikesova, on Flickr

Also, the PO had replaced what I assume was an electric choke with a manual choke. Would that have been hooked up to a sensor with a single flat solderless connection on the engine?

Here's what it looks like right now after some of the tear down.

Untitled by mikesova, on Flickr

Here is my other current question:

1. The PO was only running one fan on the back, but it originally came with two, I believe. Should I replace both or is there a recommendation for an aftermarket solution that is better? Also, I plan on replacing the sensor on the radiator which is probably what the problem was in the first place that caused him to wire the fan to direct power.
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