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Old 12-05-2017, 06:30 PM
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Default Difference between a buggy and a go kart

How and where do guys delineate between buggy and kart? I have a Manco 906c and don't want to post in the wrong area. Thanks.
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Old 12-06-2017, 03:01 PM
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Not sure there is any black and white on that. All in the eye of the beholder.
My thoughts, if it has front and rear suspension, could be called a buggy.
Think calling a machine with only solid axles, would be a stretch. But can't say it would be wrong.
Could be as simple as, if built for off road, compared street only.
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Old 12-06-2017, 07:09 PM
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To me a buggy has suspension and intended to be driven off road. Engines tend to be scooter, atv, or motorcycle based with a transmission of some sort and reverse

A kart can have suspension but normally doesn't and is aimed for smoother surfaces like pavement or a yard. Generally has a lawnmower based engine with only a centrifugal clutch but bolt on cvts have become popular. Forward gears only.

Since there isn't a clean cut definition it can mean whatever you want it to. Around here everybody calls them all go karts anyways.

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Old 12-07-2017, 09:36 PM
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A mini buggy to me is a full suspension, electric start, cvt or manual trans engine with reverse, Lights(headlights, taillights, brake lights, roof lights, etc.), CDI, some type of instrument/switch cluster(key switch,lights,horn,speedometer,12v outlet,etc.), hydraulic braking system, harnesses and rollcage, and made to be driven off road.
Go karts usually have smaller wheels and tires, no suspension or very cheap suspension set up, no hydraulic brakes, industrial type engine with a pull cord(though some have reverse and electric start), usually cheaper than a buggy, no electronics( some do have head lights), and better for riding in the yard or street.
I know that are models like Crossfire 150 and Yerfdog Spiderbox that did not come with reverse, but I still consider those a buggy. I also have a Yerfdog 3203 that has a rollcage and front and rear suspension, but I'd call it a go kart.
For me, a buggy is more advanced and complicated compared to a simple designed go kart. The buggy will be more expensive to maintain and repair when broken compared to a go kart. But you can usually get more performance options for a buggy too.
Though both are fun to drive, if I planned on going off road or trail riding in parks I'd get a buggy. If I was just cruising around the neighborhood or yard I'd get a go kart.
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