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Old 06-02-2011, 09:58 PM
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Default Chinese Imports

Without at least EPA certification, you will not be able to serve our market. Most of the west coast of the USA also requires stricter CARB certification to be imported or registered.

You would do even better if you had DOT and ROPS certification to distinguish your product from the other Chinese imports.
Thank you very much for your suggestion , I think it is really valuable for us ,
By now , our car have only EPA Certificates for your markets , If the car can be sold well in your nation , we will consider to apply any other certificates . However, Could you tell me more about the required performance of American people ? Do you think whether our car will be sold well in your country ?
Appreciate your reply !
Without environmental certifications, you will not be able to import or sell the vehicles. By complying with DOT and ROPS safety certification, you you are opening up the market to people who would like an off-road vehicle, but would like to safely use it on roads. Many locations will not license these for road use due to lack of safety and many people will not gamble with their lives without the assurance that you meet recognized standards.

You need to market to two distinct groups. To the east width restrictions limit trail use to 1.5m wide vehicles while the west is looking for 2m wide vehicles for greater stability at speed in open terrain. The same chassis can be used with choice of suspension to satisfy both markets.

Although many people prefer the control of a manual transmission, CVT transmissions will sell better and are more adaptable for various terrain. Providing a locking differential and dual range transmission allows for better diversity terrain while providing acceptable road manners.

To pass today's emission standards, EFI will be required. Provide a standard performance package and offer intake, exhaust, turbo and supercharger options for those wishing to upgrade immediately or during later ownership.

Service and parts are lacking with many Chinese products. There must be authorized service centers that can perform any regular maintenance or major repair. It is unacceptable to have to wait for shipment of parts from overseas - A warehouse with 6 months of parts needs to be established in this country and method of shipping overnight requests must be available.
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Old 06-02-2011, 10:00 PM
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I think the standards are getting tighter too. Anyone that is going to get into the game will need to have their game on.
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